At EBI, we understand how important it is for you to find the right health and benefits solutions for your business needs.
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EBI’s Commitment to Business

Employee Benefits International seeks to advocate for the individual employee by providing options to their employers to deliver better benefits at a lower cost. Using its deep knowledge, expertise and carrier relationships, EBI can reveal the predatory and outdated practices that many insurance brokers accept as the status quo. EBI is willing to go to bat on behalf of its clients.

At EBI we look at things differently than most benefits brokerages and we’re not afraid of pushing the boundaries to do what’s right to protect our clients’ interests. We genuinely care about the end-users of our solutions. We educate and consult every employee to ensure they choose the options that best meet their needs. If employees face difficulties in navigating their benefits, we will advocate on their behalf to ensure the best possible solution.

  • COLLABORATION: We work closely with our clients to ensure that we clearly understand their needs. Then we offer solutions to meet those needs. Our work begins only after we conduct a comprehensive needs assessment. Making the complex healthcare system simple is a key part of who we are. EBI makes employee benefits easy to understand while taking the burden off of employers.
  • RESULTS: Our clients expect our team to deliver improved efficiency, value, and service. Our number one job is to do everything in our power to meet those expectations.
  • PEOPLE FIRST: Our sole purpose is to empower companies and their employees. EBI offers only what’s best for our clients, not our pocketbooks. EBI never oversells a solution just to earn business. We operate with integrity and full transparency to ensure that every client knows exactly where every penny is spent.
  • EXPERTISE: EBI provides innovative solutions that get better results while complying with industry regulations. We do this by staying up to date on trends and boldly looking beyond them.

EBI Provides Health and Employee Benefits to Businesses Large and Small