Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-40 entitled, “Containing the Spread of Covid-19”, Arizona businesses must develop, establish, implement and enforce policies that adopt guidance from the CDC, OSHA, DOL, and the ADHS to limit and mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

If you already have policies in place you don’t need new ones but may want to check if anything additional needs to be added. If you don’t currently have policies in place, please reach out and we will assist you with simple ones that can be used as a starting point.

Business requirements enforced by Executive Order 2020-40

  • Promoting healthy hygiene practices;
  • Intensifying cleaning, disinfection and ventilation practices;
  • Monitoring for sickness;
  • Ensuring physical distancing;
  • Requiring face coverings when physical distancing is not feasible;
  • Providing necessary protective equipment;
  • Allowing for and encouraging teleworking where feasible;
  • Providing plans, where possible, to return to work in phases; and
  • Limiting the congregation of groups of no more than 10 persons when feasible and in relation
    to the size of the location.

For the rest of the guidelines and requirements please go to the full official document here. Protect your customers, employees, and business by following these safety practices.

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