Retirement Plan Consulting
In today’s retirement climate the fiduciary responsibility of plan sponsors has never been more intense. When you engage Employee Benefits International (EBI) as your trusted advisor, you can be confident that we will deliver the fiduciary risk mitigation and management that allows you to focus on the successful management of your organization.
We work diligently with you to:
Provide the specialized resources, knowledge and expertise you need to make informed decisions.
Ensure your plan is not only compliant but also maximizes the full benefits to you and your employees.
Offer full transparency with clear, unbiased advice as fiduciary obligations evolve.
Our documented, procedural approach to the fiduciary process and plan governance includes the following services:
Fee Analysis & Benchmarking
Our independent, objective, and unbiased fee analysis and benchmarking services will shoulder the responsibility of a thorough market analysis, offering guidance and support throughout the process.
Investment Due Diligence
We create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that is fully integrated with your plan’s investment monitoring and analysis process. Our documented process for evaluating investments uses both returns-based and holdings-based analysis techniques in conjunction with quantitative and qualitative analysis. Your participants will be able to construct well-balanced, risk-adjusted portfolios at various stages of their careers.
Plan Design & Compliance
Over the last decade, Congress has burdened plan sponsors with an overwhelming volume of legislation, making continual review of retirement plans essential. We review the design and operational features of your plan to ensure current compliance, to maximize the benefits of the law, and to increase overall participation.
Participant Education and Advice
We implement an effective employee education program that includes one-on-one meetings, group discussions and workshops, along with customized educational and communication materials. We also offer a toll-free line for participants to easily access a professional at EBI and ask questions about their plan and how to invest for their retirement.


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