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We know that offering health plans to your employees is challenging. In today's environment of rising costs, health care reform and employee uncertainty, that challenge has grown increasingly difficult.

That's where EBI can help.

Defined contribution health plans are quickly gaining popularity among our clients as an affordable alternative to the traditional employer-sponsored group health insurance plans. the general concept of a defined contribution health plan is that a company gives each employee a fixed dollar amount - a defined contribution - that the employee chooses how to spend for a healthcare plan. The employer provides access to a wide range of plan options with various deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, and typically employees are allowed to use their defined contribution to pay for the plan of their choice. This kind of plan allows you to offer health benefits to employees through a private exchange without offering a traditional group health insurance plan.

Using this approach, we help you create a more predictable benefits budget by determining the right contribution amount based on your business objectives, current strategy and future goals. As a result, you are able to bring more choice to your employees by allowing them to choose medical and ancillary products, along with other services, that best match their individual needs. They have access to the options and support they need to choose the right plan, which helps them get the most out of their coverage throughout the year.

And all this
saves you time,
effort, and money.

At EBI, we combine the flexibility of a private exchange with the stability of defined-contribution financing. Our exchange helps you maintain a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining employees by offering best-in-industry benefits while removing much of the burden of benefit administration and ACA record-keeping responsibilities.

We are committed to crafting the right defined contribution health benefits model and design options that are right for your company and attractive to your employees. We want you to emerge with benefit plans that meet more needs and create more satisfaction - and that, after all, is the entire point of offering benefits.


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