Increasing numbers of employers are offering wellness programs because they recognize that the benefit is worth the cost. Although there’s no single right way to approach wellness programs, successful plans share common success factors: Commitment from management, worker involvement, adequate resources, and policies concerning health that go hand in hand with the company’s mission, vision and values.

EBI can help you implement a successful wellness program that is an investment in your most important asset – your people. We can also demonstrate the impact this investment has on your bottom line as you increase productivity and decrease insurance costs. Our WellnessIQ program leaves your employees feeling good – about their health, their jobs and their employer.

Our unique wellness program uses a four-step strategy that allows us to:
  1. EDUCATE you and your employees on the importance of wellness to the workplace environment and the bottom line.
  2. ENGAGE your employees to be good consumers of healthcare; to share a common goal of living healthier lives through physical activity and personal planning; and to build camaraderie in the workplace.
  3. MEASURE your progress through standardized HIPAA compliance methods.
  4. REWARD you and your employees with lower healthcare costs, less absenteeism and improved quality of life.

WellnessIQ also gives your employees’ access to our Vitality Program.
Via an interactive website, they set their goals, engage in activities and maintain a high level of participation throughout the year. Based on their unique profiles, they embark on a Personal Pathway designed to improve their risk factors and maintain their health through education, fitness, prevention and healthy living.

Members can take over 30 actions to improve their health status. Automatic feeds allow for accurate monitoring and a direct link between action, health status and incentives. As participants show positive outcomes, they earn Vitality Bucks. And the better their outcomes, the more bucks they earn to redeem at the Vitality Mall, which includes over 600,000 rewards to choose from.

Click here to request a username and password and learn more about Vitality


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